A few weeks ago I was sitting in my office and got sucked into the Facebook vortex. After a few minutes of scrolling I ran across a video by Rob Bell. And at the end of the video he said something that has stuck with me since then. This is what he said…


“You, being you, doing whatever it is that you are here to do is deeply original, because ‘you’ hasn’t ever existed before.”


I was floored… Take a minute to let that soak in.


You are deeply original.


Yes, you!


Even if you are doing the same job as someone else down the line the way you do it is original. The way you live life is original. The way you think is original. You may do things that is similar to others but that’s where it ends.


You are an original.


It’s easy to feel beat down and worn by others in our lives, intentional or not, perceived or real. Our world seems hell bent on making sure every person knows his or her place. There are the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ and for some reason you should be happy with whatever lot you were given in life.


But God has redeemed you.


You do not have to settle.


You are free to explore every inch of your originality. We need you to explore it. Do whatever it takes to live into what God created us to be.


You. Are. Deeply. Original.


Claim it. Own it. Live into it.

Deeply Original Print

Need a reminder?  Print out the 5×7 print below and display it where you need it most.