So, I’m making coffee this morning and I’m literally standing next to the machine listening to it sigh and gurgle.  We were late to school this morning so I’m feeling a little harried.  I’ve got my phone in hand catching up on text messages with my husband who is at Midwinter conference and notice the coffee machine has stopped.  It didn’t beep at me like it normally does but it is done brewing.  So I pour myself a much needed cup of coffee while regarding my coffee machine with suspicion.  Why didn’t it beep?  Did it beep and I just didn’t hear it?  But I’m standing right next to it…  Is it broken?  It’s not even a year old yet (but it might be an excuse for a Nespresso machine instead)…  I guess I just missed it.

Now, in the grand scheme of things it isn’t important that my coffee machine didn’t beep at me this morning.  The coffee still brewed.  I got to enjoy my cup of coffee in my favorite chair with sunlight streaming through the windows.  All in all, not a bad moment of refreshment after the rush of early morning.

But I missed the beep.

I feel like that with God sometimes.  I’m literally standing right there, waiting for Him to speak, and I miss it.  But I see God moving as the result of the beep.  I see God taking care of his people even though I missed the initial message. I suppose I could sit there and dissect why I missed the message.  Just like I could try brewing another pot of coffee to figure out why the machine didn’t beep.  Or I can be okay with not hearing the beep this time and go with it.

As pastor’s spouses, it feels like we are held to a higher ‘holy’ standard.  We get lumped in with our spouses as the chief Holy people.  But it’s alright if we don’t hear God all the time.  It’s alright if we miss it.  We are not the only people God talks through for our congregations.  There will be other times and the coffee is still hot.  So, drink up and get on with the day!