So, there was this one time at Midwinter back in January where I saw Diana Shiflett.  If you haven’t met her she’s awesome.  And we started talking about the next blog post for this blog and she comes up with the brilliant idea to make a video of her post instead of writing it all out.  So we did!  We found a place where there was good light and a nice background and got it all in one take and it’s great. (please excuse the guy walking across the balcony above us talking/shouting to someone on the other side…) Can you believe it?  That’s how awesome Diana Shiflett is folks.

Fast forward two months and its March and life happened and I’m just getting to posting this awesome video we made at Midwinter.  Lucky for all of us the information on Rule of Life is timeless and really useful.  Especially for ministry spouses.  It’s easy to loose sight of God and caring for ourselves when we are in the midst of helping other people see God and take care of themselves.  Rule of Life is a great practice to work into your life for many reasons but I’ll let Diana tell you in the video below.  Let us know what you think and if/how you use it in the comments below.